Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Milania's Narrative About Lady Gaga

This is a drama narrative (make believe story) Milania wrote in her own time. Enjoy!

One night  there was Lady Gaga hearing her mum and dad fighting.  She got so scared that she ran away deep down in the forest.  As she was walking she heard a lady screaming for help.  The lady was deep down in a hole, Lady Gaga found her and was desperate to help her out but she fell down to.  When it was morning the 3 bears Baby bear, Mummy bear, Big Daddy bear were roaring on the top of the hole.  

The lady and Lady Gaga were screaming so loud.  7 dwarves were walking home to their cottage deep in the forest.  The 7 dwarves could hear heaps of screaming and roaring but the 7 dwarves had 3 knives so when five of the dwarves were killing the 3 bears, the other 2 were helping the lady and Lady Gaga out of the hole.  It took all day all night to get Lady Gaga and the lady out.  

When they got them out the lady went back home, the 7 dwarves took Lady Gaga to their cottage because their daughters were big fans of Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga did not know what they were doing.  She wondered if they were going to kidnap her.  So Lady Gaga stayed quiet until they got to the cottage.  When Lady Gaga got to the cottage she started to scream and scream suddenly there was silence. She rubbed her eyes when she stopped she opened them and she could see a stage and a microphone.  

The dwarves were standing up with each of their 2 daughters but the 7th dwarf had 1 daughter.  The first dwarf said “These are my 2 daughters Rosy and Katie.”
The 2nd dwarf said “These are my girls called Millie and Lilly”.
The 3rd dwarf said “These are my daughters called Alex and Mia”.  
The 4th dwarf said “This is Jaeda and Jane”.  
The5th dwarf said “These are my girls Eden and Jade”.  
The 6th dwarf said “these are my girls called Molly and Bella”.
The last dwarf said “I only have 1 daughter and her name is Ana!”  
Lady Gaga was confused, she did not know what they were saying so she said “What are you guys saying?”
“We want you to sing for our daughters” they all said.  
So she got up on the stage and sang POKERFACE to the girls.  After she sang the 2nd dwarf drove Lady Gaga home and lived happily ever.  



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  1. I so enjoyed reading your story Milania - what a vivid imagination you have!


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