Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Today in Maths Taina could tell the class how to find 3 quarters of 8, which is 6 by using her division knowledge. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Zachery's Character Description About Mr Twit

Mr Twit hates people.
Mr Twit eats birds. 
Mr Twit eats like a pig.
Mr Twit hates birds.
Mr Twit is a bully.
Mr Twit is evil.
Mr Twit hates boys who pokes tongues at Mr Twit.
Mr Twit shoots birds.
Birds hate Mr Twit. 
He is evil.
Mr Twit has a hairy face.
Mr Twit has a dirty beard.
Mr Twit put a the frog into Mrs Twit's bed. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arul's Recount on Badminton

Badminton is so much fun to play!  Today at school we went for badminton practice with Laurie.  

First we sat down and discussed, after a minute we started to practise hitting the shuttlecock with the racket. Then we played a game with a buddy where we had to catch the shuttlecock in a cone.  It was so easy!  Walter was my buddy, he caught it every time.  Our next challenge was getting the shuttlecocks in the bin.  It was a clean bin, not a rubbish bin.  It was hard because we had to take 5 steps back.  

It felt good to learn how to play badminton, I can't wait for next Monday to play again!

Character Description Plan

We have been reading 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl this term and love finding out what happens next in the story. Roald Dahl's writing inspires us with his metaphors, similes and creative ideas.  

This is the beginning of Pornphan's 'Mr Twit' Character Description plan.  In Room 13 we know it is important to use graphic organisers to plan our writing so we can organise our thoughts and create our best writing. Look our for the character descriptions which will be blogged soon!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Olympic Information Report by Taina

Every 4 years we have the Olympics, and there are many different athletes that are competing from other countries in London this year.

Valerie Adams is a shot put athlete .She is a number 1 shot putter because she always gets gold ever since she was fourteen.   Adams trains so hard and put in a lot of pressure into her body.

New Zealand is competing in the London Olympics. They have put in a lot of effort and made everyone in NZ proud because they have got 6 golds, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals. How cool is that?

Gold is what everyone wants because it shows they are the number one CHAMPIONS.  Silver is fantastic because you won a medal and you came second. Bronze is alright because you still won a medal, and made  your country so happy.

Hopefully you can be an athlete like Valerie Adams because she is a CHAMPION!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Milania's Narrative About Lady Gaga

This is a drama narrative (make believe story) Milania wrote in her own time. Enjoy!

One night  there was Lady Gaga hearing her mum and dad fighting.  She got so scared that she ran away deep down in the forest.  As she was walking she heard a lady screaming for help.  The lady was deep down in a hole, Lady Gaga found her and was desperate to help her out but she fell down to.  When it was morning the 3 bears Baby bear, Mummy bear, Big Daddy bear were roaring on the top of the hole.  

The lady and Lady Gaga were screaming so loud.  7 dwarves were walking home to their cottage deep in the forest.  The 7 dwarves could hear heaps of screaming and roaring but the 7 dwarves had 3 knives so when five of the dwarves were killing the 3 bears, the other 2 were helping the lady and Lady Gaga out of the hole.  It took all day all night to get Lady Gaga and the lady out.  

When they got them out the lady went back home, the 7 dwarves took Lady Gaga to their cottage because their daughters were big fans of Lady Gaga, but Lady Gaga did not know what they were doing.  She wondered if they were going to kidnap her.  So Lady Gaga stayed quiet until they got to the cottage.  When Lady Gaga got to the cottage she started to scream and scream suddenly there was silence. She rubbed her eyes when she stopped she opened them and she could see a stage and a microphone.  

The dwarves were standing up with each of their 2 daughters but the 7th dwarf had 1 daughter.  The first dwarf said “These are my 2 daughters Rosy and Katie.”
The 2nd dwarf said “These are my girls called Millie and Lilly”.
The 3rd dwarf said “These are my daughters called Alex and Mia”.  
The 4th dwarf said “This is Jaeda and Jane”.  
The5th dwarf said “These are my girls Eden and Jade”.  
The 6th dwarf said “these are my girls called Molly and Bella”.
The last dwarf said “I only have 1 daughter and her name is Ana!”  
Lady Gaga was confused, she did not know what they were saying so she said “What are you guys saying?”
“We want you to sing for our daughters” they all said.  
So she got up on the stage and sang POKERFACE to the girls.  After she sang the 2nd dwarf drove Lady Gaga home and lived happily ever.  



Saturday, 18 August 2012

Information Report: Playgrounds by 'Otolose

A playground is where you can have fun. Every child can go and play on it. You can swing, climb and slide.

There are lots of rules on a playground. They are there to keep you safe. The rules are no pushing, take turns and the most important: one think before you act.

There are lots of fun equipment on a playground. There is a swing, slide, monkey bars and so much more.

You can find playgrounds anywhere. Some of the places are parks, schools and near pools and beaches.

A playground is really fun but you have to learn to think before you act!

Friday, 17 August 2012

How to Write an Amazing Piece of Writing!

Milania created this poster for our class to show students how your ideas in a graphic organiser is used to write your draft and once edited with self assessment, peer assessment and feed back from the teacher, it is then published.  It definitely takes a lot of work, but it's totally worth it in the end as Milania's proven in her Information Report.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Tae Kwan Do has been one of the greatest challenges Room 13 has faced this term as we are really learning how to manage ourselves by listening to instructions and following through with the instructions.  Most of us have already learnt so much thanks to our teacher Miss Yu.  We look forward to the rest of our lessons.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Don't Give Up! Good luck to the NZ Olympic Team

This is an inspirational video Room 13 enjoyed watching.   

Trent: It was so beautiful, I almost cried. 
Annaleigh:  It was touching.
Pornphan: He was in real pain, but he kept going.
Milania: Room 13 felt sorry for him.
Isaiah: It was an encouraging video.
Sione: He never gave up!

Good luck to the New Zealand Olympic team in London!

Monday, 23 July 2012

The 'Tua Man' at Sylvia Park School

Sylvia Park School were so fortunate to have the great David Tua visit us for a school assembly.  He inspired us all by sharing his secret to becoming a champion.  David Tua's inspiration advice included the fact it isn't just talent that makes a champion but also hard work and heart.  We were very honoured to have you inspire us and motivate us to be champions too!

Room 14, Mr C. and Miss Lorenzo with David Tua who competed in the 1992 Olympics representing New Zealand.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tahlia's Summary on the Story 'Ants'

Hamish likes honey. His toast with honey on it, his sandwiches with honey, everything with honey! 

Hamish saw one big ant and a week later hundreds of them were marching up his drive way so he washed them all out. 
On a Saturday morning Hamish was having jam on his toast but when he looked inside it and it was filled with black ants. So he flicked them down the sink. So he took a slice of bread and spread honey over it  but when he took a big bite, he felt something between his teeth!  It was 4 black ants. "Ants must be clever" he said . 

Hamish had peanut butter on his toast the next morning instead.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 6 Update!

Hello All! 

I must apologise for the lack of blogging from Room 13, as we have been busy swimming in the pool this term, researching our Inquiry topic and so much more exciting stuff!  But, this week we will be sharing with you our summaries of the story Just To Be Safe. 

So stay in tuned for the clips to come this week...

Miss L.

Our group reading the story Just To Be Safe today, getting to know the text and helping each other understand it better.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ina Joins In!

Since we are learning how to make connections at the moment, we read a story about a girl who was starting at a new school in a new country.  The story was called Ina Joins In (Part 1 #3 2003).  Many people in the group were able to relate with Ina's character as they also had the same experience.

Ina Joins In is about a young girl who has migrated from Rarotonga to New Zealand.  She has just started school and is very shy.  Even when she knows the answers to questions her teacher has asked, she doesn't want to say anything because she is not yet confident to share with strangers.  At lunch time the other children invite her to play, but she still is too shy to play with them.  In the afternoon a classmate of hers asks her to join them in Poly Club where they dance to and sing Pasifika music.  Ina finally feels comfortable when she hears familiar music to what she would hear in Rarotonga and starts to dance and sing with everyone.

We discussed what the story was about and how we can relate to Ina:

Otolose talked about how she remembers going to school to the first time in New Zealand coming from Tonga.   She said just like Ina she felt shy and didn't want to talk to much in front of others.  Otolose also talked about how school is very different in Tonga compared to New Zealand so it must've been hard for her to get use to school here.

Aifala shared that he had been to kindy in Samoa and that school was very different to New Zealand.  He was also shy at first when he was at school, but most people are he said.  

Geshvin only started at Sylvia Park School this year!  So he could understand why Ina was feeling shy.  He thought maybe she didn't want to make a mistake in front of her other classmates so she wouldn't be embarrassed, just like he was at the beginning of the school year. 

Hepi, and Maka talked about their Pasifika backgrounds and they liked hearing Island music.   Anahere talked about being in a Kapa Haka performance group and Morgan said he'd seen people perform Pasifika dance.  The whole group really enjoyed discussing the book and making these connections.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Term 2's First Post!

This term you will be lucky enough to see work from Otolose, Anahere, Hepi, Maka, Morgan, Geshvin and Aifala.  They will share the work they are doing in Reading.  This term they are learning how to make connections. 

To be able to find connections they know it is about what they already know, so when we talked about the story we read called 'The Butter Trap' they all remembered making butter on our school field trip to the Howick Historical Village.  As a group they created steps to retell others how to make butter just like they did.  They made sure they were in the correct order and helped each other with writing the sentences for each step.  Now they're copying the steps and illustrating each step in their own exercise books.

I'll upload a pic of their cool diagram in their group book.  

Looking forward to sharing with you next lesson,

Miss L.

Monday, 2 April 2012

W E L C O M E !

Welcome to the first blog of 2012 for Room 13 at Sylvia Park School!

I am Miss Lorenzo, the teacher in Room 13 and in our class there are 27 students.  We are eager to share some of our reading with you, so please...

Watch this space!