Sunday, 6 May 2012

Term 2's First Post!

This term you will be lucky enough to see work from Otolose, Anahere, Hepi, Maka, Morgan, Geshvin and Aifala.  They will share the work they are doing in Reading.  This term they are learning how to make connections. 

To be able to find connections they know it is about what they already know, so when we talked about the story we read called 'The Butter Trap' they all remembered making butter on our school field trip to the Howick Historical Village.  As a group they created steps to retell others how to make butter just like they did.  They made sure they were in the correct order and helped each other with writing the sentences for each step.  Now they're copying the steps and illustrating each step in their own exercise books.

I'll upload a pic of their cool diagram in their group book.  

Looking forward to sharing with you next lesson,

Miss L.

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